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The Domain Name Association (DNA) has launched proposals outlining “healthy practice areas for domain registries and registrars”, including the establishment of a third-party system for handling copyright infringement.
According to the DNA, there should be a “voluntary third party system” for handling copyright infringement, similar to the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

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The fully voluntary system would handle trademark violations and address illegal infringement of copyright material through the use of domain names.

DNA’s proposals came as part of its Healthy Domains Initiative, which aims to encourage “sound stewardship of the Internet namespace” through consultations with various industry players, including law enforcement authorities and content providers.

Other proposals included addressing online security abuse, enhancing child abuse mitigation systems and streamlining complaint handling from illegal or “rogue” online pharmacies.

Mason Cole, chair of the Healthy Domains Initiative committee said: “The Healthy Domains Initiative is a collaborative effort that has involved innovative thinking and mindfulness of our guardianship role in the domain name system.”

“We developed practices that we, as operators, know will confer benefits to our customers and to internet users, and to the overall strength of the domain name system.”


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has slammed DNA’s copyright proposal, calling it “ill-conceived”, “the very epitome of Shadow Regulation”.

It said: “Any voluntary, private dispute resolution system paid for by the complaining parties will be captured by copyright holders and become a privatised version of the failed internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA.”

“The HDI proposal was written by a group of domain name companies. They include Donuts Inc.”

It added: “Donuts has taken many steps that serve the interests of major corporate trademark and copyright holders over those of other internet users.”

“These include a private agreement with the Motion Picture Association of America to suspend domain names on request based on accusations of copyright infringement, and a ‘Domain Protected Marks List Plus’ that gives brand owners the power to stop others from using common words and phrases in domain names—a degree of control that they don’t get from either ICANN procedures or trademark law.”

DNA’s board of directors ratified the proposals last December.

ref: ipprotheinternet.com

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