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As opposed to the traditional top-level domain names ending in .org.au or .com.au, Melbourne residents now have the option of having a web address that ends in Melbourne. It is the first Australian city that has gotten its own top-level domain names. Now, the public has the chance of registering for a domain name on first-come first-served basis. The domains are being promoted by the ARI (ARI Registry services) as they are managing .melbourne and will also be responsible for the upcoming .sydney. Their promotion tactic is to tell local businesses that these domain names can be used for positioning themselves on the World Wide Web geographically.

However, the new domains have been warned by one academic that businesses who wish to protect their trademarks will have to bear additional costs because of these domains. Even though search engines are used by most people for finding websites instead of using web addresses, it is believed by some that these new domains will aid businesses in improving their rankings in search engines. This is due to the fact that both sides of the dot will be prioritized by search. About 276 million domain names have been registered with dotcom domains amounting to 113 million.

Nonetheless, there is also a problem; the introduction of these new top-level domains can also give rise to disputes amongst people as they will argue about who is the rightful owner of a particular domain name. These disputes typically occur between cyber squatters and trademark owners. The former simply register for domain names that are named after renowned and popular brand names so that they can sell them at a high price and earn a profit. It had been hoped previously that disputes over domain names would be reduced with the rise of search engines like Google, but that hasn’t happened as yet.

Domain names still hold a lot of value and disputes over domain names are resolved by the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is the largest system of dispute resolution. With the introduction of these new Melbourne names, businesses that already have a.com or .com.au domain need to decide whether they want to get an additional domain name for protecting their trademarks. Some may regard it as a new and great opportunity for marketing while others may see it as just another business expense. Registrations for these .melbourne domains began in July, but they were just opened for the public.

These city-specific domain names are great for businesses that undertake geographical marketing as it shows the people of Melbourne that they are ready to serve. This is one of the new top-level domain names based on cities with others including .tokyo, .berlin and .london. It is also possible for businesses to take advantage of several generic domains such as .pink, .dating, .jobs, .clothing, .ninja etc. There are some global businesses that have also registered their own top-level domains, which include Monash University, Samsung and BMW. This process is quite expensive as it costs about $185, 000.

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